Whatís this chat room for anyway? Well, Iíve created this space as a meeting room for all us ĎScapers to talk it out. Please feel free to use it for general chat about HeroScape, developing battlefields or custom figures, discussing strategies, or (if youíre up for it) Ė online play! Please read the guidelines posted below. And, if you need some help check out the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom. Enjoy! And, Iíll talk to you soon!

Chat Room Guidelines

The chat rooms are, for the most part, unmonitored. So, please, do your upmost to follow the guidelines below and keep this place family friendly and clean. Thanks!

  • Please, no profanity! Vulgar or sexual language will not be tolerated.
  • Provocative or tasteless login names are not allowed.
  • Only family friendly URLs may be posted in the chat room.
  • For security reasons, never publicly post email addresses, phone numbers, or anything that might compromise your location or identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, how do I login?

How do I change my nickname?

How do I send a private message to another user?

How do I create my own chat room?

How do I register my nickname/chat room?

*Guest is asking, "How do I post like this?"

Where can I go for more help with this chat room?

Is there a list of commands supported by this chat client posted somewhere?
Please Read
Persons under the age of 18 should have consent from a parent or guardian before accessing this or any chat room.

This chat room is a free service. As such, no guarantees are given or implied.

I am not to be held responsible for anything you may read in the chat room. Your use of this service constitutes an agreement that you will not hold me, this site, or its affiliates liable for anything said or done in the chat room. Use the chat room at your own risk!

My chat room is only one of many on a massive server. Many of the other rooms feature adult content and are not family friendly. I strongly suggest you avoid these rooms and the List Rooms button all together.


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