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“War is being waged in Valhalla!

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Valhalla was a happy and peaceful place until the discovery of the wellsprings. The water from the springs brought powers and visions to those that drank from it. The visions included images of heroes and warriors from other worlds and times locked in deadly combat. With their new powers, the Valkyrie devised ways to beckon these creatures and use them against their enemies. The lush lands of Valhalla have now become a war-torn and desolate ruin.

Heroes and warriors from all worlds and times are now ready to wage war in Valhalla, and you have come to lead them. Will you be part of the Jandar Army who longs for peace? Or will you be vengeful and lead the Utgar Army to gain control for yourself and your minions.

Build your battlefield, gather your armies and wage war against your enemies. Will you be cunning and powerful enough to crush your enemies and claim victory?”

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Story of HeroScape How to Play Battlefields Characters

Story of HeroScape

Valhalla was a lush, largely unexplored planet in a distant galaxy, ruled by winged human-like creatures called Kyrie. The Kyrie lived in relative peace for thousands of years. Then the wellsprings were discovered, and everything changed. These mysterious fountains of youth, power and immortality soon became the ultimate plunder in the battle of all time.

The story of Heroscape begins with Thormun, a Kyrie who discovered the first wellspring quite by accident. Thormun recounts the event in his journal:

"When I drank its water, I became stronger in body and mind; my wings grew to a wondrous size; I gained mystical powers; and to my astonishment, I stopped aging. Yet if I did not drink from the wellspring often, the powers faded."

It was not long before new wellsprings were discovered by other Kyrie. They drank from them, gained powers from them, and soon became a species of super-kyrie called Valkyrie. But along with their powers came strange visions of armies at war, armies made up of creatures from other eras, other worlds. As the Valkyrie began a violent struggle to seize control of the wellsprings, they devised ways to summon the warriors of their visions to fight for their cause. Lush valleys and hillsides became military strongholds; majestic mountains became vantage points for deadly attacks on those below. Armies marched, fought, claimed victory or conceded defeat, all for the wellsprings.

They are calling this age of war The Rise of the Valkyrie. And indeed, the Valkyrie have ascended to commanding positions as generals in the ever-intensifying struggle for the wellsprings. As the battles grow bloodier and more challenging, these generals call for brave leaders to join their fight. Can you gather an army powerful enough to defeat the enemy? Can you lead them to victory on a battlefield of treacherous terrain and perilous pitfalls? Good fortune, brave heroes! The fate of Valhalla rests in your hands!

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