Newest Custom Battlefields & Scenarios


Required Sets: 2 Battle for the Underdark Master Sets and 10 Treasure Glyphs.

Near the Soulrazor Canyon in Lower Bleakwoode there exists a massive underground chamber. First discovered by Jandar himself as a youth, Soulrazor Hollow has become the haunt of terrifying creatures concealed in its shadowy depths.

MASTER GAME – Scavenger Hunt (3 to 5 Players)
Over the years, villages near Soulrazor Canyon have been plagued with night raids by gangs of rouge monsters. After pillaging the towns for any shiny treasure they can get their claws on, they retreat to the depths of Soulrazor Hollow, their subterranean abode.

In an effort to retrieve the stolen artifacts, several bands of foolhardy adventurers have chosen to descend into the hollow.

POSTED: November 1st, 2012


Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set, Ticalla Jungle, and 21 extra water tiles.

One of the hundreds of small isles surrounding the island nation of Haukeland, the Isla de Sombra remains shrouded in dense jungle and mystery too. Jagged coral reefs lurking just below the sea’s surface make approaching the tiny island very perilous indeed!

MASTER GAME – Typhoon Turmoil (2 Players)
“We were crossing the Bitter Sea in hot pursuit of our enemies and we had hoped to catch them before they reached their hideaway, believed to be somewhere on the mainland. But without warning, a frightful gale blew in from the southwest and the seas became choppy. We lost sight of our quarry in the storm and soon lost control over the ship. The waves dashed the ship against the reef and tore it to pieces. Only a handful of the crew and I made it to the shores of an uncharted island. I wondered what became of our foes – but not for long.”

MASTER GAME – Greeting the Natives (2 Players)
“After our successful victory we started back for the beach to search for wreckage and supplies that might have washed ashore. As we were hiking through the jungle a shout arose. An angry little pygmy, presumably a native of the island, was yelling, pointing at us and then to an odd stone totem nearby. We had seen a similar one on the smaller island. Both totems featured frightful images that looked like skulls. Suddenly several other natives appeared and one threw a hatchet that whizzed past my ear. What were they protecting so fiercely? We had to find out.”

MASTER GAME – Twilight Terror (2 Players)
“As night began to fall the remaining pygmy warriors gave one last shriek before disappearing back into the jungle. Why were they running away now? The totem nearby seamed to be glowing faintly, and as the darkness grew its radiance intensified. A rustling sound from the underbrush caught our attention. Suddenly the corpse of a vanquished native lunged out of the jungle and attacked. The zombified pygmy bit down hard on my companion’s shoulder, and pushing him backwards, demolished the island totem. As it fell and shattered the zombie was visibly weakened. Were the totems the source of this unnatural and terrifying power? If so, the other totem must also be destroyed.”

POSTED: September 10th, 2012


Required Sets: Swarm of the Marro Master Set, Battle for the Underdark Master Set, Fortress of the Archkyrie, and Ticalla Jungle.

Shrouded in mists for a thousand years or more, the remains of a sacred Green Leaf tribe shrine emerge from the dense jungle. The massive stone walls, etched with hundreds of ancient symbols, are slowly returning to the swamp as vines, moss, and other vegetation entangle the structure.

MASTER GAME – Sanctum of the Spider (2, 3, or 4 Players)
Rannveig's wind howls fiercely outside Ullar’s stronghold as Utgar’s forces ram past its outer defenses in a devastating attack on the citadel. Once inside, they manage to make it all the way to Gladsheim, the great hall. They must not be allowed to go any further.

POSTED: Novermber 18th, 2011

Full Battlefield & Scenario List

Anund Farm RotV, RttFF 2009, 07/25
Along the road heading toward the villages of Anund, the husk of an old farm building stands silently among the tall grasses; made lush due to the abundant natural irrigation in the area. Now abandoned, the building has fallen into disrepair and free-roaming livestock can still be seen grazing in the area occasionally.
Art District Marvel 2010, 10/14
Situated on a lonely street in the historic art district is the old Palace Theater. Backing up to a nearby park, it once was one of the area’s most popular attractions. It has since fallen into slight disrepair but is still lovingly operated by a small theatrical group.
Bailey Inferno VW, RttFF, FotA 2008, 11/09
Smoldering ash and a thick cloud of sulfurous gas rise high into the air as what remains of the old bailey dissolves away into a massive lava flow just a few feet below the surface.
Blastatron Factory RotV, RttFF, FotA 2008, 12/06
This massive factory provides an endless supply of Blastatron and Gladiatron military robots for Vydar’s army. Without the fabrication of these robots Vydar’s army would be drastically weakened and unable to give full support to Jandar’s efforts against the evil forces of Utgar.
Catacombs BftU, FotA (x2) 2010, 03/29
Buried beneath the ruined Tomb of Migol II, deep within the Rock of Barrenspur in Southern Laur, rests an expansive labyrinth of winding catacombs. Although the surface mausoleum was raided centuries before, it is believed the catacombs may still hold their ancient secrets.
Cave of Shadows BftU (x2), TT 2011, 02/10
This immense cavern lies below the frozen mountains of the Thaelenk Tundra. As well as providing some shelter from the cold and harsh elements outside, it also serves as a short-cut through the mountains to Concan’s Castle in the North. However, it is not without its own dangers…
Cavern Labyrinth RotV, Extra 2009, 04/21
Buried deep within a cave-system in Western Laur is a large subterranean chamber used in ancient times as a doorway to the underworld. The room fills with the thunderous roar of the two mighty waterfalls that pour into a seemingly bottomless pit; over which only a precarious natural stone bridge remains.
Complex, The RotV, RttFF, RotA 2009, 09/17
Hidden in a crag, on the side of a mountain, a secret complex of buildings lies shrouded in mystery. Virtually undetectable from the air due to the thick growth of evergreen trees and nearly inaccessible because of its location, this top secret base is staying classified – for now.
Crescent Harbor RotV, RttFF 2011, 03/06
Located at the northernmost point of Naustralund with easy access to the Dragon’s Head Sea, Crescent Harbor was once a heavily fortified seaport. The small port has since fallen into disrepair but still remains the most direct route to all points north.
Deep Jungle SotM, TJ (x2) 2009, 12/08
The most treacherous stretch of the Ticalla Jungle contains a host of dangers: the shadowy jungle canopy, thick vegetation and choking vines, a murky stench-filled quagmire. And last, but not least – the enemy.
Desert Oasis RotV, SotM 2008, 11/09
In the western part of Aunstrom lies a vast and unforgiving desert. In the desert, water is far more valuable that gold and endless battles have been fought over the land’s few scattered oases. But, all is not as it appears in this remote oasis.
Endless Caverns RotV, Extra 2010, 10/10
During the rainy season, streams of water pour into the gaping mouth of the Endless Caverns forming gushing waterfalls that flow deep below the valley into a seemingly endless labyrinth of interconnected subterranean chambers.
Esenwein Castle RotV, RttFF, FotA 2010, 07/06
Near the heart of Lower Bleakwoode not far from the sharp cliffs of the Soulrazor Canyon is Castle Esenwein. The castle was originally an old Abbey and its adjoining graveyard, but has since been renovated and refortified. Shadowed in constant gloom by the tall and twisted surrounding trees, Castle Esenwein proves to be the perfect haunt for all manner of foul creatures.
Fire Swamp SotM, VW 2008, 11/15
In the eastern part of Kinsland, near the Searing Pass, is the dreaded Fire Swamp. This murky landscape is dotted with hot-beds of volcanic activity. Here, only the bravest warriors dare to tread through this perilous quagmire.
FlatScape Maps None 2011, 02/11
The tall grasses of the meadowlands of Braunglayde sway effortlessly in the gentle breezes coming up from the south. However, all is not at peace. Opposing armies, hidden just beyond the reedy pools, have set up encampments and are preparing for battle.
Frozen Wellspring RotV, TT 2009, 02/07
Winter is a bitterly cold season in Northern Nastralund. A recently discovered wellspring there has completely frozen over and is the site of this heated battle.
Geothermal BftU, Marvel, VW 2010, 10/21
Nearly a mile beneath the surface, a large machine practically fills a sweltering magma chamber. Made from virtually indestructible materials, its constant metallic drone is all but drowned out by the sound of the bubbling molten lava and hot steaming tar.
Gladsheim Marvel, RttFF (x2), FotA 2011, 03/07
Within the walls of Ullar’s castle in eastern Ekstrom stands Gladsheim, the legendary great hall. With its luxurious marble floor and decorative columns supporting a high-vaulted ceiling, this space was often used as a meeting place for the High Counsel of the Archkyrie in early times.
Guardian Bunkers RotV, FotA 2010, 01/10
Like two silent sentinels, well fortified bunkers overlook the low valley plane and the ruined city of Stechavan. This valley is the surest and most direct route to the Great City of Valgrind, the last hope of freedom for Valhalla.
Heroes Day Parade Marvel 2011, 03/13
Onlookers gather for the annual Heroes Day Parade in honor of the super-heroes that watch over and protect our fair city from evil. As the parade of colorful characters march down this stretch of city street, a sinister plot is brewing nearby – one that will surely get the attention of our heroes.
Holochamber, The RotV 2010, 07/25
There is a massive hidden complex beneath the ruins of Montfre Manor where Vydar has amassed a great army. One method used by the General to train his new recruits for battle is a kind of virtual reality simulation using advanced holographic technology.
Iceberg TT 2008, 11/09
Floating adrift in the Dragon Head Sea looms a massive chunk of glacial ice. There is no escape from this frozen island until the enemy is conquered.
Isla de Sombra RotV, TT, Extra 2012, 09/10
One of the hundreds of small isles surrounding the island nation of Haukeland, the Isla de Sombra remains shrouded in dense jungle and mystery too. Jagged coral reefs lurking just below the sea’s surface make approaching the tiny island very perilous indeed!
Jungle Temple Ruin SotM, BftU, FotA, TJ 2011, 11/18
Shrouded in mists for a thousand years or more, the remains of a sacred Green Leaf tribe shrine emerge from the dense jungle. The massive stone walls, etched with hundreds of ancient symbols, are slowly returning to the swamp as vines, moss, and other vegetation entangle the structure.
Lava Flow RotV, VW, TJ 2008, 12/02
On one of the small volcanic isles near the island nation of Haukeland, amid molten rock and smoldering ash, the remains of the once sealed Mausoleum of Trowin now slowly slide into the Bitter Sea.
Limestone Caves
of Laur
RotV 2008, 11/09
Deep under the rolling hills of Laur is a labyrinth of connecting cave systems carved out of the limestone rock over the past few million years. Who knows what dangers lurk in the shadows?
Long-Bridge RotV, RttFF, FotA 2008, 11/09
A dilapidated bridge hangs precariously over the wide Navess River in Upper Bleakwoode. Strategically significant, being the only “safe” crossing point in the region, this overpass has seen any endless barrage of fearsome battles.
MacDirk Country Club SotM 2010, 03/10
If you’re looking to test your skills as a golfer, look no further than the MacDirk Country Club golf course. The hills, valleys, creeks, and swamps — and there are plenty of swamps — require good shot-making and imagination.
Marshy Ground SotM, TJ 2010, 10/12
Resting near the northern edge of Naustralund, along one of the estuaries of the Dragon’s Head Sea, is this peat-filled bog. Untamed mosses and lichens cover the ground forming a perilous marsh.
Noughts & Crosses SotM 2008, 11/22
A true battle across time; a game that has been played down through the centuries. Spartacus played Terni Lapilli, Alastair MacDirk played Noughts and Crosses, and Sgt. Drake Alexander played Tic-Tac-Toe. Using telepathy to cheat, even Ne-Gok-Sa played a similar (yet unpronounceable) game on Marr. Now the game comes to Valhalla.
"Piggy" Bonus RotV 2009, 07/25
Nearly out of breath, a weary scout, arriving back at base camp informs his commander that more armies have arrived and surrounded the Forsaken Waters. The General, his eyes narrowing, scans across the battlefield and responds, “It’s just as I anticipated. Thankfully, there are powerful Glyphs nearby that we can utilize to secure the area until our reinforcements arrive. Then, victory will be… Um… Wait – did that pig just eat what I think he ate?”
Quantum Entanglement RotV, RttFF 2009, 08/25
Test Site: V51-3 / Location: Classified
During his earliest attempts to harness the power of the Wellsprings and bring heroes to Valhalla from across time, Vydar created the Phase-Space Device. Unfortunately this early experiment failed. Due to a peculiar and unexpected warping of the time-space continuum, the device was split; creating an echo of the device in a parallel dimension. With the device apparently lost, the project was abandoned and the area, forever in a state of temporal flux, was deemed extremely hazardous.
Secret Bases RotV, RttFF, FotA 2009, 01/18
Long ago, the bridge over the wide and perilous Dracon River was once guarded by a pair of twin subterranean bases on either side. However, its security is now threatened by enemy occupation.
Seismic Resonance Marvel, VW 2009, 12/31
A curious custodian at one of the storage warehouses in the Tribeca Labs complex mistakenly took the Seismic Resonance Device for an espresso machine and turned it on. The resulting violent reverberation of tectonic plates forced underground molten magma and bubbling hot tar to surface and leveled the warehouse and many other buildings in the surrounding area.
Snowy Mountain Pass RotV, TT 2009, 11/04
There is a secret and well guarded corridor through the high mountains of Southern Nastralund, near the Great City of Valgrind. This treacherous passageway is the only way to avoid the natural bottleneck at Stechavan formed by the surrounding mountains.
Soulrazor Hollow RotV, TT 2012, 11/01
Near the Soulrazor Canyon in Lower Bleakwoode there exists a massive underground chamber. First discovered by Jandar himself as a youth, Soulrazor Hollow has become the haunt of terrifying creatures concealed in its shadowy depths.
Sujoah's Hive SotM, TJ 2009, 08/13
Deep in the jungles of Ticalla, an enormous burrfly hive rises up out of the marshy swamp. Does anyone really know what the source of this massive infestation is?
Temple of Mitonsoul RotV, RttFF, FotA 2010, 04/28
Sitting atop a plateau high in the Kyrien Mountains rests the Temple of Mitonsoul. Lightning crashes within the dark ominous clouds that endlessly swirl overhead. Constructed around one of the first Wellsprings discovered by Utgar, this unholy edifice was dedicated to Utgar’s own daughter, the evil Kyrie warrior, Runa.
Trench Warfare SotM, RttFF 2008, 11/16
The battle lines have been drawn for some time in Upper Bleakwoode; both sides having dug in for the approaching winter season. With fortified trenches and a vast mine field between the opposing factions, the battle rages on with seemingly little headway.
Twilight Cave BftU 2008, 12/17
Nestled at the base of tall basalt cliffs, on the westernmost point of the Dragon’s Head Sea is the Twilight Cave. This sea cave is believed to connect in some way to the Cave of Shadows. Thus, the Twilight Cave could be a dangerous weak-point in Concan’s defenses.
Watery Deep BftU 2010, 09/14
In this recently discovered chamber, deep within the Underdark, dripping acidic water has eroded the soft bedrock below forming watery pools – the bottoms of which have not yet been found.
Zombie Assault Marvel 2010, 01/24
The villainous Red Skull sends a horde of deadly zombies to close in and surround our heroes. Temporarily escaping to a dilapidated building for cover, the team settles in for a grueling battle.
Zombie Pit SotM, FotA, Extra 2008, 12/05
Question: What’s the best way to store zombies? Answer: In a pit of course! Zombies stay fresher longer in a boggy fortified abyss and this one is no exception.

Master Sets
RotV = Rise of the Valkyrie
SotM = Swarm of the Marro
BftU = Battle for the Underdark
Marvel = Marvel: The Conflict Begins
Terrain Expansions
RttFF = Road to the Forgotten Forest
VW = Volcarren Wastland
TT = Thalenk Tundra
TJ = Ticalla Jungle
FotA = Fortress of the Archkryie
Extra = Other Small Expansions
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