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I have a blog on where I post ideas and map concepts Iím currently pursuing. Some make the cut Ė some donít. My maps are often not your usual HeroScape fair. Iím always coming up with something new. Wanna see what Iíve been working on? Check it out!

Recently I've been asked to handle the 'Scaper-of-the-Month postings. If your interested in reading more of the interviews, check out the complete index.

My Blog on HeroScapers


HeroScape YouTube VideosNEW!

Hereís a collection of great HeroScape videos hosted on YouTube. Iíve included official commercials and videos from Hasbro, gamer reviews, events from GenCon, and even some humorous spoofs too. Enjoy!

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Widescreen Wallpapers

Battle Dice
Battle Dice

by DeadMaxx
HeroScape Battle
Battle for All Time

by Hasbro
HS Poster
HeroScape Poster

by Hasbro

by AliasQTip
HS Logo

by DeadMaxx

by DeadMaxx
Otonashi vs. Fyorlags

by Hex_Enduction_Hour
Skull of Destiny

by scottishlad5
The Underdark

by Steve Argyle

Funny Comic Strips

Garfield Spoof

Foxtrot Strip

(The comics below are ones I made; I think they're funny. )

Gilda-Sue on HeroScape

Valkrill Nerd

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HeroScape Quiz

Are you ready to put your knowledge of HeroScape to the test? Iíve got ten questions for you that will do just that.

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That guy in the "commercial" cracks me up everytime!

HeroScape Guy

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