2012 HeroScape Calendar

Calendar Sample

In the past few years I've created a calendar using artwork and other contributions submitted by the talented denizens of the community at HeroScapers.com. Unfortunately do to schedule constrictions I was unable to pull it all together this year. As a consolation I've created a photo collage of some of the pictures I've taken for Jay Cain over at Mythacle and arranged them in a unique single page calendar. Enjoy!

Download 2012 HeroScape Calendar

I'm now taking submissions for the 2013 HeroScape Calendar. Please post your artwork, jokes, poems, maps, etc. on my thread at HeroScapers.com. Thanks!

2013 HeroScape Calendar - Submissions Thread

AliasQTip's Resources

File NameDescription
Blank Hexes Make your very own custom Level 0 tiles with this handy print-off.
Bookmarks Let one of these 6 printable 'Scape themed bookmarks hold your place.
Collection Checklist The ultimate checklist to keep track of your entire collection.
Dice Bowl A fun hexagon-shaped papercraft dice bowl.
Dice Probability Chart Know when to attack... and when not. A must have at tournaments. (Includes percent-probability of Counterstrike!)
Glyph Reference Chart A handy reference chart for those hard to remember glyphs. Great for tournaments!
Hex-Grid Paper Blank hex-grid for creating/recording maps (when VirtualScape isn't nearby).
Hex-Mix Recipe Mmm, chocolate and peanut butter. Try this great Game Night snack!
Prototype Army Cards Handy cards for when you start making customs.
Quick Start Guide Simple instructions for the uninitiated. Suitable for lamination.
Storage Bricks Brick up your 'Scape for easy transport and storage.
NEW! Tournament Score Sheet A customizable score card for your tournament needs.
Tower of Lodin Build your own papercraft dice tower!
Transformers Customs A collection of eight custom Transformers Army Cards.
Ultimate Terrain Guide Complete list of terrain in every Master Set and expansion. (Updated through Wave D1: Champions of Forgotten Realms.)
VS Language Update I've corrected grammar and the menu arangement in this update for VirtualScape. Replaces the LANGUE.DLL in your VS directory.
VS Glyph Images Includes images and instructions to create all the glyphs not currently included in VirtualScape.

Weapon Cards

I made some custom weapon cards for a battlefield/scenario I created called The Complex. The idea caught on and there was enough interest to create a second wave of weapons/equipment cards. I also made a template available for all those who wanted to make their own custom cards.

Weapon Card Sample

Custom Weapon/Equiptment Cards (20)
A collection of 20 weapon cards including: Boleadora, Boomerang, Brass Knuckles, Crossbow, Death Scythe, Dual Pistols, EMP Cannon, Flamethrower, Flash Bang Grendage, Gatling Gun, Grappling Hook, Hira-Shuriken, Jetpack, Lariat, Medical Kits, Nuchaku, Plasma Rifle, Poison Dart Blowgun, Power Gauntlets, and Proximity Mines.

Bonus Weapon/Equipment Cards (10)
A pack of 10 bonus cards including: Boots of Valda, Chain-Blade, Fear Stone, Heavy Armor, Phantom Cloak, Pickpocket Gloves, Plasma Focus Cannon, Ring of Negation, Skeleton Key, and Sniper Rifle.

Weapon Card Template
Use this template to create your very own weapon cards.


Adventure Packs

My Adventure Packs are PDF files that contain printouts that are used to create new terrain obstacles out of paper and overhead transparencies. The designs are easy to cutout and construct and add flair and theme to your custom map creations. These are the only ones I've created so far but more are on the way. Coming soon: Chainlink Fences!

AdvPack Cathedral Cathedral & Graveyard (AdvPack #1)
This pack contains everything you need to create a spooky graveyard with all the trimmings and add stained-glass windows to castles/churches/cathedrals you design. The set includes: Wrought Iron Fences, Stained-Glass Windows, Small Castle Doors, Prison Cages, Coffins, and Tombstones.
AdvPack Factory Factory Windows & Doors (AdvPack #2)
Convert your castle expansion set into an urban industrial complex with these windows (2 sizes) and small doors. Two varieties are included, a red-brick facade (matches the Marvel warehouse ruin) and a grey-concrete facade (matches existing castle architecture).
AdvPack Cottage Medieval Cottage (AdvPack #3)
Get ready to pillage the village! Use this pack to create a detailed medieval style building with a removable roof. The cottage has an interior space of 5-Hexes and enough clearance to fit most small and medium figures. Now you can create your very own HeroScape village.
AdvPack Hut Medieval Hut (AdvPack #4)
Iím back with more village pillaging fun. This pack contains everything you need to make a medieval style stone hut with a removable roof. This comfy hut fits perfectly on 3-Hexes and is tall enough to fit most small and medium size figures. Combine this pack with AdvPack #3 and create your own quaint little town.
AdvPack Bunker Sandbag Bunker (AdvPack #5)
Perfect for Capture-the-Flag style scenarios, this sandbag bunker will give your team the protection it needs to win the game. The bunker is 2-hexes wide, 7-levels tall, and can accommodate most figures. Our house-rule says you get a +1 defense bonus while inside but feel free to make up your own rules.
ZIP File Wall Panel Templates
Due to popular demand Iíve released a set of templates that you can use to create youíre very own custom wall, door, and window panels. The sky is the limit to what you can make. This ZIP file contains BMP files for large and small panels and transparency templates for windows.
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Thormun's Journal

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