Collection Calculator

Collecton Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much money youíve invested in HeroScape? Or, how much your collection might be worth on the open market? Maybe you just would like to know how many figures you have tucked away in the drawers of your preferred organizer. Or, how many terrain hexes youíd have if you spread them all out?

I preset to you my HeroScape Collection Calculator. Itís pretty straightforward. Enter the number of sets you have by editing the # field. (You can also click the name of the pack or the name of the wave to automatically add one set.) Got one of everything? Click the +1 of Each button.

The calculator has two default price settings, MSRP (Manufacturerís Suggested Retail Price) and ERV (Estimated Retail Value). You can toggle between these default price settings by clicking the Toggle Prices button. You can also enter your own price values (e.g. perhaps you paid something other than the MSRP).

Tip: If you bought Valkrillís Gambit: Champions of Renown click it and not the individual figures in Promos section.

Note: Some sets had an extreme range of available prices. The ERV values are an average of prices found throughout the internet. They were last updated on May 14th, 2011.

Master Sets
#: Set Name: MSRP:
Large Expansions
#: Set Name: MSRP:
#: Set Name: MSRP:
#: Set Name: MSRP:
Small Expansions
#: Set Name: MSRP:
Malliddon's Prophecy (Wave 1)
Utgar's Rage (Wave 2)
Jandar's Oath (Wave 3)
Zanafor's Discovery (Wave 4)
Thora's Vengeance (Wave 5)
Dawn of Darkness (Wave 6)
Small Expansions (Continued)
#: Set Name: MSRP:
Fields of Valor (Wave 7)
Defenders of Kinsland (Wave 8)
Blackmoon's Siege (Wave 9)
Valkrill's Gambit (Special Collection 10)
Champions of Forgotten Realms (D1)
Warriors of Ebberon (Wave D2)
Moltenclaw's Invasion (Wave D3)
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My Collection

Master Sets:
X Rise of the Valkyrie (x2)
X Swarm of the Marro (x2)
X Battle for the Underdark (x2)
X Marvel: The Conflict Begins

Large Expansions:
X Road to the Forgotten Forrest (x2)
X Volcarren Wasteland
X Fortress of the Archkyrie (x2)
X Thaelenk Tundra
X Ticalla Jungle (x2)
X Ormís Return
X Raknarís Vision
X Aquilla's Alliance

X Crest of the Valkyrie
X Acolarh
X Hatamoto Taro
X Laglor
X Ornak
X Sir Gilbert

X Elite Onyx Vipers
X Nerak The Glacian Swog Rider
X Sir Hawthorne
_ Master Win Chiu Woo
X Agent Skahen *
X Samuel Brown

* Thank you, nyys!

Small Expansions:
X Malliddon's Prophecy (Wave 1)
X Heroes of Bleakwoode
X Grut Orcs (x2)
X The IX Roman Legion (x2)
X Snipers & Vipers
X Utgarís Rage (Wave 2)
X Heroes of Barrenspur
X Drones & Minions
X Knights & The Swog Rider (x2)
X Minute Men & Wolves (x2)
X Jandarís Oath (Wave 3)
X Heroes of Nostralund
X Gorillas & Hounds
X Kilts & Commandos
X Monks & Guards
X Zanaforís Discovery (Wave 4)
X Heroes of Trollsford
X Greeks & Vipers
X Lawmen & Samurai
X Soulborgs & Elves (x2)
X Thoraís Vengeance (Wave 5)
X Gladiators & Agents
X Ninjas & Samurai
X Soulborgs
X Warriors & Soulborgs
X Dawn of Darkness (Wave 6)
X Heroes of Durgeth
X Archers & Kyrie
X Shades & Orcs
X Zombie Horde
X Fields of Valor (Wave 7)
X Heroes of Elswin
X Fiends & Vampires
X Knights Templar
X Riflemen & Spearmen
Small Expansions Continued:
X Defenders of Kinsland (Wave 8)
X Heroes of the Molten Sea
X Elves
X Marro Cavalry (x2)
X Soldiers & Wolves (x2)
X Blackmoon's Siege (Wave 9)
X Heroes of the Moon Tribe
X Braves & Brawlers (x2)
X Divders & Defenders (x2)
X Dwarves & Repulsors (x2)
X Valkrill's Gambit (Special Collection 10)
X Champions of Renown
X Warriors of Feldspar (x2)
X Champions of Forgotten Realms (Wave D1)
X Heroes of Faerun
X Fury of the Primordials (x2)
X Glaun Bog Raiders (x2)
X Warriors of Ghostlight Fen (x2)
X Warriors or Ebberon (Wave D2)
X Heroes of Khorvaire
X Golem and Wyrmlings
X Ogre and the Goblins
X Veterans of the Last War
X Moltenclaw's Invasion (Wave D3)
X Heroes of Fallcrest
X Bugbears & Orcs
X Icewind Scourge
X Valkrill's Legion

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