HeroScape Quiz

Are you ready to put your knowledge of HeroScape to the test? I’ve got ten questions for you that will do just that. Answer them quickly to obtain a higher score. Do your best and most importantly have fun!

Wonder how you rate with other ‘Scapers? When you’re done quizzing here, why not post your results on HeroScapers.com for everyone to check-out?

How to play:
The game is straightforward enough. When you’re ready to begin, click the “Start Quiz” button in the Quiz Controls box on the left-hand side of the screen. The timer will start, and a series of 10 questions will appear. Answer the questions as quickly as possible to gain a higher score.

When you have completed the quiz, click the “Check Answers” button. Your performance will be graded and a Report Card will be displayed showing the details of your quiz. Any incorrectly answered questions will have the correct answer highlighted in red and an explanation will be provided.

The quiz consists of ten questions with the following point-breakdown: two easy questions, worth 5-points each; five medium questions, worth 10-points each; two hard questions, worth 20-points each; and 1 extreme question, worth a whopping 50-points.

An additional time bonus is awarded to fast quiz-takers. If the quiz is competed within three minutes, 5-points are awarded for each correct answer; fewer than two minutes, 10-points for each correct answer; under one minute, a 15-point bonus for each.

Submitting Your Score:
If you’ve obtained a score that you are particularly pleased with, you can post your score on HeroScapers.com. Click the “Submit Your Score” link at the bottom of the High-Scores box. This will automatically copy your Report Card data to the clipboard (IE only, other users will have to manually copy the data) and take you to the appropriate forum thread on HeroScapers. Once you’re there, post your score for the world to see.

If you have scored high enough to be in the Top 5 High-Scores, post your score as described above and I will see to it that this quiz page is updated to include your name and score in the listing.

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Quiz Controls

1. Robotunit197300
2. Kaemon Awa 123300
3. Taeblewalker300
4. 'Scaper94300
5. Robber300
6. I Hate Atlaga300
7. LordEsenwienIV300
8. Viegon300
9. The CEE300
10. WarriorOfEberron300

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